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Graduate Students

Prospective Students

Prospective MA and PhD students should contact me directly via email. Students admitted will be expected to conduct fieldwork in southeastern Madagascar, although some flexibility on sites is possible. Research areas include: behavioural ecology, population biology, and related topics. 

Our diversity is our strength! Our lab is fully committed to the values of equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility and supports the NSERC Dimensions charter. We aim to value, support, and promote scholars from diverse backgrounds, including women, Indigenous Peoples, persons with disabilities, members of racialized groups, and members of 2SLGBTQ+ communities, as well as those from the global South. I strongly encourage applications from members of these groups and others committed to a research community where everyone can thrive.


Field Opportunities 

Interested in volunteering to help study critically endangered black-and-white ruffed lemurs, greater bamboo lemurs, and forest restoration? Check for the latest opportunities here and here. For more information, visit the Madagascar Biodiversity Project

Current Students

Nicola Guthrie (PhD)

Distribution and abundance of the Endangered Microcebus jollyae, Jolly’s mouse lemur, in a newly restored forest in southeastern Madagascar

Pamela Narváez (PhD)
Assessing lemur functional diversity through the use of arboreal and terrestrial camera-traps in disturbed forests and reforested areas in southeastern Madagascar

Hasinala Ramangason (PhD)

Eco-evolutionary dynamics of lemur frugivory in southeastern Madagascar

Zachary Jacobson (PhD)

Change at the border: A multi-methods approach for understanding how lemurs respond to historical and present-day agricultural land use

Kuenzang Dorji (PhD)

Morphological and pelage characterization of a langur hybrid zone (Trachypithecus geei X Trachypithecus piletus) and niche overlap in central Bhutan


Recent Graduates

Zachary Jacobson (MA'22)
Spatial relationships and occurrence patterns within a community of lemurs in a fragmented landscape

Melody Petersen (MA'22)

Behavioural responses to habitat fragmentation in the frugivorous black-and-white lemur (Varecia variegata): Implications for the conservation of a Critically Endangered lemur

Devin Chen (MA'20)
Occupancy modeling of lemur communities using arboreal camera traps in the Kianjavato region of southeastern Madagascar.

Current position: PhD student, Mississippi State University

Li-Dunn Chen (MA'20)
The effects of androgens, food availability, and female choice on agonism in the black-and-white ruffed lemur (Varecia Variegata)

Current position: PhD student, Mississippi State University 

Pamela Narváez (MA'18)

Effects of disturbance and forest structure on the functional diversity and abundance of lemur communities in a fragmented landscape


Sheila Holmes (PhD'17)
Sharing space: Habitat use and spatial relationships of frugivorous lemurs in fragmented forests. 


Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Wildlife, Fish and Environmental Studies, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Megan Aylward (PhD'17)
Investigating dispersal through molecular genomics: Sex-biased dispersal and phylogeography in aye-ayes
(Daubentonia madagascariensis) in Madagascar. 


Current Position: Lecturer/Conservation Project Manager, Bristol Zoo Gardens

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